Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Slackers, Bums, or just people that don't have time to blog!

First off, we would like to apologize for the lack of communication that we have bestowed upon all of you. It's summer and of course there's no time to blog. Besides, our mother takes care of that! So to catch you guys all up, we'll summarize the past couple of months. School has ended and is unfortunately about to begin, there's been lots of boating, friends, birthdays, shopping, driving, and vacationing. We've gone to Salt Lake, Wyoming and possibly California for me (Tan). I (Teish) am finally 16! I have enjoyed driving my brother's car and she runs amazingly! I named her Obi after Obi Wan Kanobi and we've been through a lot together! I (Tan) am 14! My first stake dance will be August 8th and I am pumped! Our Grandma Durtsche, Aunt Sam, and cousin Nenna (Sienna) are coming down this weekend, next week we have Girl's Camp, the next week is volleyball try-outs for both of us, and sadly, school starts on August 13th. Bleh. We already have all of our school shopping done including clothes and we are glad to get it over with! Now it's time for pictures! (We'll add them later! There's a bunch and we have to go to mutual!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Track is taking over my (Teisha) life! I had another meet yesterday and the day before and I am worn out! My main events are long and high jump but my coach decided to sign me up for the 4x4 relay and 300 hurtles! Bleh! I tried to explain to my coach that there was no possible way I was going to do 300 hurtles and the 4x4. My coach was in the Olympics and so of course she's going to say, "I believe in you Teisha and I know you're not a quitter, that's why I picked you." What am I supposed to say to that? Friday was long jump and 300 hurtles. I need to work on long jump but I am NEVER going to do 300 hurtles again! I was already dead after jumping the first hurtle! Ugh! Saturday I had high jump and the 4x4. The high jump was the first event and the 4x4 was the last so I had to stay all day in the blistering heat! I got sun-burned really bad on my face and arms. I'm hoping it'll turn into a tan! I am grateful for the slight tan I received on my legs though. Anyways, the 4x4 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My team took 2nd in our heat and none of us had done it before so we were proud! There's another meet on April 2nd but I don't have to go because I have a band trip to Salt Lake on the 1st and 2nd! I am so excited for that! Band is my favorite class. I've met some WEIRD people in band like this girl that yells when she talks (I've always wondered what it would sound like if she actually yelled...), a boy that tells everyone that I swore at him or gave him the birdie which we all know is far from being true, a boy that compares his french horn to my flute like it's a competition. Of course, his is better. And my band teacher has the biggest lips I have ever seen! Everyone makes fun of him. I feel bad for the guy and his wife! My weird list runs forever. I love band anyways though!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reading Obsession

I (Teish) LOVE to read! Reading fuels my imagination and it helps me think clearly. Tianna has no interest in reading whatsoever. I always try to fascinate her with the adventurous journeys, suspensful battles, and heart melting romances but it doesn't work. One accomplishment is I convinced her to read Twilight. (Of coarse she would read Twilight but it still counts.) She had a hard time getting through it but in the end she liked it.
Spring break started on Monday so I decided to finally finish Eragon. I've had Eragon for 2 weeks and I haven't been able to read it because I'm so busy with track and school. The only thing I've been able to do is read a chapter a day and that's no fun. Plus, the book is 500 pages long and I'm not going to get anywhere by just reading a chapter a day. I decided that I would finish Eragon and finish the second book to the trilogy, Eldest, over spring break. I finished Eragon yesterday morning and let me just say, I totally recommend this book! The movie didn't even compare to the book. So don't judge it because of the movie. At the moment, I'm a prisoner locked away in the second book. Now I'm just worried that I'll finish the second book and have nothing else to read. Oh well. After I finish the Eragon trilogy, my plan is to read all the Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've been stuck on all of the sci-fi/fantasy stuff. For example, over spring break my goal is to watch all of the Star Wars. Currently, I am on the 3rd. (Anakin makes me mad in the 3rd! Although, he is a babe! Haha!) We'll just have to see how it goes!

Anakin Skywalker

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Crap! This is not good! We haven't blogged FOREVER! Sorry everyone! We've just been so busy lately! I (Teisha) started track two weeks ago and I've been practicing everyday. Plus I can't forget homework! Bleh! I have some awesome stories to tell though!


Ok first of all, for those of you who don't know, I'm in band and I play the flute. There's this thing called SUPAF that is held every spring. It's for musicians to show their talent in front of judges and actually get judged! You can either do a solo or have a group of people. For band, it was required and my friend, Alex and I played a song together. Everyone thought that we weren't going to do very well because he plays the trumpet and it's extremely hard for a trumpet and flute to sound good together because they're totally different instruments. Alex and I received a 1- for our performance which is the equivalent to an A- so not too shabby. Our whole band class pretty much got 1-'s except for the people that picked incredibly easy songs. Ok so after SUPAF, there's region. Only 5 soloists or groups from a school can go to region. As my band teacher was announcing who was going to state, the last group he called out was Alex and I! We both yelled, "WHAT?!" We were very surprised! We practiced with our band teacher and yesterday was region. In my opinion, Alex and I did amazing! We were talking to the judges afterward and all they said was that our last note was sharp! We were so happy! Ok so after region, there's STATE!!!! We couldn't find out if we were going to state or not until this morning. Alex saw me this morning and yelled, "WE'RE GOING TO STATE TEISHA!!!!" I screamed and we were jumping up and down. (We got some pretty weird looks but we didn't care!) I'm so excited! I love bus trips and state is in Salt Lake! I'm pumped!!!

Run Forrest Run!

My parents are letting me do track and I love them for that! Track is so much fun! All of my friends are doing it and it's just going to be awesome! Tomorrow and Saturday is our first meet. I'm pretty much just doing track to get into shape and party with my friends! I can only do 4 events and they are 100 meter hurtles, 4 by 1 relay (I'm the anchor! For those of you who don't understand track, that's good!), high jump, and long jump. I'm the best at long jump and high jump. I'm really worried about hurtles though. I can just imagine myself tripping, falling flat on my face, and screeching across the track. Ugh! I keep telling myself that I can't think like that or else it will happen so wish me luck! The boys' uniforms are awesome! Even though they have to wear short shorts, it's ok. They get the black uniforms and the girls' have to wear these pee colored, see through pieces of crap! Bleh! On the bright side, I am becoming tanner!
The Best Movie Ever Made
Moulin Rouge is probably one of my all time favorite movies ever! It's not the most appropriate show but the story line and music is awesome! I decided to order it from amazon.com last Sunday and it FINALLY just came in on Monday. I'm so excited! I finally own Moulin Rouge! If any of you haven't see it, I highly recommend it!

Say Goodbye
My best friend, Ashlea and I have made a commitment to not eat sugar all through track! We've been doing this for almost three weeks. Track doesn't end until May 18 so that means no candy, cake (my favorite!), cookies, etc. We've been handling this amazingly well but what really bites is that my German teacher decided to have us sale REAL German chocolate!! If you haven't had any, you are deprived! It is the most AMAZING chocolate ever! He just had a whole bunch of it shipped in from Germany and we've been selling it. I've been so tempted so many times to just devour it! Wish me luck!

Wow that was long! Now you get to listen to Tianna's stories! Peace! I'm out!

Tianna doesn't have time to blog right now so she'll blog later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday the 13th!!!

We love Friday the 13th! We love all that scary jazz. We don't have any pranks planned out unfortunately...but if any of you have any ideas, please clue us in! Also, tomorrow I (Teish) have to perform the Tango in my social dance class. There are 3 girls and 3 boys in my group. My teacher told us that we had to make a story with characters and all that stuff that goes with the Tango. So my group figured that since it was Friday the 13th, we would do something scary. Here's our story:
Three girls are walking home from a late party and they decide to take a short cut through a dark alley. Suddenly, three "Jason's" (the guy that wears the hockey mask on Friday the 13th) jump out and try to kill the girls. The girls try to escape but there is no hope. They start to dance and the whole dance is a struggle between the girls (who are trying to escape) and the Jasons (who are trying to murder the girls). In the end, the Jasons do end up stabbing the girls and they drag them off by their feet.
So what do you think? Do you like it? I have to do it tomorrow and I'm kind of scared that the boys will forget their costumes but the show must go on!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Raindrops On My Window

As you all know, I (Teish) absolutely LOVE the rain! Today it has been raining off and on and I'm lovin it! It's kind of weird cause it will just pour for 5 minutes and then it just stops. It has been repeating that process all day! No thunder, lightening, or floods. Bummer. Not exactly my type of rain but I'll rate this one as a 4.5.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Fun Has ARRIVED!!!

What up Those things are sweet!
So anyways, our mother Michelle has a blog and always seems to have something to look forward to. We know that only people 25 and older blog,
so we figured what the heck! Our title explains everything. Our blog is a big,
no HUGE joke but at the same time we're serious, totally serious, DEAD
serious. (Notice all caps on DEAD and HUGE). As sisters, we spend every
second of the day together (except for school hours and special occasions),
so we decided, "Hey why not take everyone with us on our journey through
life?" Just kidding, but seriously. Enjoy!